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    Default Trippin!

    hey I am currently learning Spanish slang. I want to know if there is a way to say "to trip" but in the English slang version. For example" Why are you trippin" or " I must have been trippin becuz I thought it was something else". If someone can help I would appeciate it.

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    Default to trip

    In Argentina, "flashear" approximates "to trip". For example, flasheť que estaba nadando en el Riachuelo y que estaba impecablemente limpio... Similarly, "un flash" is "a trip". For example, "Todo Bolivia es un flash." I've also taken "sarpado" to mean something close to "trippin'". See another post on that in this same forum category.

    In Mexico, "no te pases de listo" literally means something like "come on now, that's really going too far," but I've always used it to mean "don't trip" with good results.

    In Spain, hippies used to and may still use the word "trippy" to mean LSD.

    I would like to hear others if anyone has any ideas.

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