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Thread: How does One Know?

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    Default How does One Know?

    How do you know if when you are learning spanish, if you are translating properly? How do you know when to say certain things? Spanish to me is one of the easiest languages to learn, yet it can be so simple...

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    Talking Speaking Spanish

    You could start speaking Spanish at these forums... this will be a good start!

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    I am a native Spanish speaker, and it was weird how I started understanding English: once I was standing with my back to the tv and suddenly, without paying attention, I could understand what they were saying. All those years of study had paid up! Then, little by little, I started to understand what Schopenhauer meant when he said that knowing a language means knowing its psychology. It is knowing the categories with which it thinks. I guess that would be a nice sign: knowing why they make up some expressions, why they say some things the way they do.
    There there is that point where... you just know... but that's, of course, beyond words.

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