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Thread: Planning a overseas trip

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    Default Planning a overseas trip

    I am going to have a one-month vacation and I’d like to take this chance to have a good rest, always working in the office, working overtime, sleeping until midnight, really tired, I want to change my mood and then come back to work with energetic spirit. Where can I spend a meaningful and entertaining vacation and allot time reasonably, as a result of a large amount of work everyday, I don’t have too much time to exercise during my spare time, so any good trip resort for sports, is much better, I find perth australia, almeria, and so on are wonderful travel websites, also its cheap accommodation, scrumptious cuisine, kind local people should be considered. I’d like hear more opinions from you. Thanks in advance.
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    Andy, I don't know about Australia and so on, but an excellent place to relax could be the Caribbean. of course, I don't know your location to talk about the flight fares as I don't know the exact prices of hotels and so on but I was in Antigua and St Maarten and those islands seem like a great place to relax and forget about the rest of the world. Nice beaches, excellent resorts and the whole nine yards...Maybe you can find a nice, not-so-expensive resort that suits you. To me Antigua seems like the ideal place and I stayed at a woderful golf resort (I was working as an interpreter at a convention, so I have no idea about the rates, all paid for).
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    I guess it all depends on your location Andy and how far are you willing to travel (your budget etc.) but as Sandy pointed out the Caribbean is an excellent place to spend a nice and relaxing vacation you could even get to vist several islands while in there and practice water sports. I also heard that Mexico has incredible tourist palces. Personnely, based on what you wrote, I would definitely recommend heading for a nice beach looking for a refreshing summer-end.

    Have a nice and safe trip !!!

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