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Thread: What is Ndeah?

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    Question What is Ndeah?

    What is it?

    It appears as the Royal Spanish Academy of Spanish language has stated that it's from the "gamer" community meaning "no idea"

    Do you know this word?, have you read or heard it before?

    I thought it was a phoneme like "NDerah" as the Guarani language that comes from Paraguay and the north east of Argentina.

    ¿Que significa NDEAH?

    Aparentemente la RAE ha contestado:


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    Default Re: What is Ndeah?

    ¡Qué académicos tan modernos!

    Yo soy lingüista y no tengo "ni idea". ¡Wow! ¡Tengo que leer a la RAE para aprender los últimos términos de videojuegos!

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