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Thread: What is a "Magisterial District Judge"?

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    Default What is a "Magisterial District Judge"?

    Does anyone know what a Magisterial District Judge is, and what the Spanish equivalent could be?

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    Default Re: What is a "Magisterial District Judge"?

    Hi nabylm

    A district magisterial court, presided over by a magistrate, is one which is subordinate to a district court. In the US some states have them and some do not. The federal courts have a United States Magistrate. A U.S Magistrate and existing state magisterial district judges handle lesser cases such as traffic offenses, minor criminal offenses, arraignments, set bail and perform certain administrative duties for the District Judges in order to relieve the burden on district courts..

    I'm not sure what they would be called in other countries. Names and titles vary from state to state, country to country insofar as legal jurisdictions and courts are concerned. I would say Juez del distrito magisterial. Depending on the country, of course.

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