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Thread: Help with English to Spanish Translation for Nativity Word List

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    Default Help with English to Spanish Translation for Nativity Word List

    I have a list of 30 words that I am trying to translate from English to Spanish. I've attempted to translate these word, but I would like verification. The theme is Nativity. Thank you in advance.

    Angel Ángel
    Baby Jesus Niño Jesús
    Balthazar Balthazar
    Bird Pájaro
    Camel Camello
    Caspar Gaspar
    Chicken Pollo
    Christ our Savior is Born Cristo nuestro Salvador es nacido
    Cow Vaca
    Donkey Burro
    Drummer Boy El Tamborilero
    Frankincense Incienso
    Gold Oro
    Horse Caballo
    Jesus Mary & Joseph Jesús María José
    Joseph José
    Joy to the World Joy to the World
    Light Luz
    Manger Pesebre
    Mary María
    Melchior Melchior
    Myrrh Mirra
    Peach on Earth Paz en la tierra
    Rooster Gallo
    Sheep Oveja
    Shepherd Pastor
    Stable Estable
    Star of Bethlehem Estrella de Belén
    Three Wise Men Los Tres Reyes Magos
    Tree Árbol

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    Default Re: Help with English to Spanish Translation for Nativity Word List

    Hey there,

    Most are correct. I would recomend revising a few:

    chicken - pollo: do you mean a live chicken or a roasted one? if the bird is alive, I'd call it "gallina", tohugh pollo works too it can in some places make more reference to a "ready to be eaten" chicken rather than a living hen.

    Melchior: a thome (mexico city) we call him "Melchor"

    Little drummer boy: if it refers to the song, we call it "el niño del tambor", you can find hte lyrics in Sp. if you google it like that

    Christ our Savior is Born: a better verb conjugation would be Cristo nuestro Salvador ha nacido (ha instead of es)

    Stable: establO, if it has an e its an adjective that means something is not budging, its firm, if it has an o at the end its a non for a place where you keep horses... so establo

    balthazar: we spell it like this "Baltasar"

    That's all for I can comment on. good luck!

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