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Thread: Armature

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    Default Armature

    I have this passage taken from a Motor Electrical text:

    "Another common fault, that is often not considered, is cooling of the DC machine. This may occur because cooling passages are blocked, the ARMATURE is turned too slow with no additional cooling, or from dirty filters (the most common cooling-related fault).

    Any idea what Armature is? Thanks!

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    Default armadura

    I hope this helps.

    1. Electricity.
      1. The rotating part of a dynamo, consisting essentially of copper wire wound around an iron core.
      2. The moving part of an electromagnetic device such as a relay, buzzer, or loudspeaker.
      3. A piece of soft iron connecting the poles of a magnet.
    (fís.) armadura (de una dinamo, en la botella de Leiden etc.).

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    Default que te sirva....

    Armature, armadura, inducido, rotor; armature bar, barra del inducido; armature circuit, circuito del inducido; armature construction, armadura giratoria; armature copper, cobre del inducido; armature core, núcleo del inducido; armature cross, estrella del inducido; armature disc, disco del inducido; double armature , inducido doble; armature factor, número de espiras del inducido; armature grooves, ranuras del inducido; ignition armature , inducido del encendido; armature inductor, hilo del inducido; armature ¡ron, hierro del inducido; armature leakage, dispersión del inducido; armature pawl, gatillo de armadura; armature pocket, ranura del inducido; radial armature , inducido radial, armature reactance, reacción del inducido; armature rotation, rotación del inducido; armature shoe, pieza polar del intercambiable; armature slot, ranura del inducido; armature stray flux, flujo de dispersión en el inducido; armature structure, cuerpo del inducido; armature teeth, dientes del inducido; armature tooth, diente del inducido; armature tunnel, inducido perforado; armature wave, arrollamiento ondulado; armature winding, arrollamiento del inducido, devanado del inducido; balanced armature , inducido centrado; bar wound armature , inducido de barras; boiler armature , accesorios de caldera; cylindrical armature , arrollamiento de tambor; disc armature , inducido de disco; double spoke armature , inducido de brazos dobles; drum armature , inducido al tambor; girder armature , inducido Siemens; H armature , inducido de doble T; hinged armature , inducido articulado; isthmus armature relay, relé de armadura estrangulada, milled armature , inducido fresado; radial coil armature , inducido de polos interiores; revolving armature , inducido giratorio; shuttle armature , inducido de doble T; tunnel armature , inducido de agujeros; two circuit armature , inducido de dos circuitos; wire wound armature , inducido devanado con alambre.

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