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Thread: a fibra - a contra fibra

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    Default a fibra - a contra fibra

    Talking about wood engraving, the original sentence goes:

    Su obtención del árbol se puede hacer o con un corte en el sentido longitudinal del tronco, que sigue la dirección de las fibras del tallo, o perpendicularmente a las fibras; clasificándose así en “xilografía a fibra” o “xilografía a contra-fibra”.

    My attempt:

    It can be obtained from the tree by means of a cut that can be done either perpendicularly or in the longitudinal sense of the trunk, that follows the direction of fibers of the stem; classifying thus in “wood engraving to fiber” or “wood engraving against-fiber”.

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    Default Re: a fibra - a contra fibra

    (The block) can be obtained from the tree by means of a cut done either along the trunk following the direction of the fibers or across the trunk; therefore there are classifications of a “woodcut with the grain” or a “woodcut against the grain”.
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