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Thread: Span > Eng test results translations

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    Default Span > Eng test results translations

    HELP - I had some tests done in spain, now my uk gp wants a translated version. Can anybody help? I have tried online translators, but i dont know if the translations are correct.

    Hematies, Hemoglobina, Hemcrito, VCM, HCM, CHCM, RDW, Plaquetas, MPV, Leucocitos, Linfocitos, Monocitos, Neutrofilos, Eosinofilos, Basofilos, Linfocitos, Monocitos, Neutrofilos, Eosinofilos, Basofilos, Glucosa suero, Urea suero, Sodio suero, Potasio suero, Cloro suero, GOT (AST), GPT (ALT), Colesterol total, Colesterol HDL, Tiempo de protrombina, Actividad de protrombina, INR, Tromboplastina activada.

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    Default Re: Span > Eng test results translations

    Hi! Welcome to the forum!
    I will do my best to help you but don't know all the terms.

    Hematies: Red blood cells
    Hemoglobina: haemoglobin
    HCM, Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy????
    Plaquetas: Platelet
    MPV: Mean platelet Volum
    Leucocitos: Leukocytes
    Linfocitos: Lymphocytes
    Monocitos: Monocytes
    Neutrofilos: Neutrophile
    Basofilos: basophile
    Neutrofilos, Eosinofilos, Basofilos,
    Glucosa suero: Serum Glucose
    , U
    rea suero: Serum Urea
    Sodio suero Serum Sodium
    Potasio suero: Serum POtasium
    Cloro suero: Serum Chloride

    GOT (AST):
    GOT (Glutamyl oxaloacetic transaminase).
    GPT (Glutamyl pyruvic transaminase).
    (Aspartate aminotransferase)
    Colesterol total: Total Cholesterol
    Colesterol HDL: HDL Cholesterol
    Tiempo de protrombina: Prothrombine Time
    Actividad de protrombina: Prothrombine Activity
    International normalized ratio, a laboratory test measure of blood coagulation,
    Tromboplastina activada.
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    Default Re: Span > Eng test results translations

    After the great contrbution Sandy has made there is very little left to be done:

    Tromboplastina activada = Activated thromboplastin

    Eosinofilos = Eosinophils,

    Hope it helps
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