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Thread: Cartera Masiva LAm Sp to English

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    Default Cartera Masiva LAm Sp to English

    Hi there

    Looks like this a specifically Latin American term as I've found it on websites from Mexico to Chile. The phrase I have is "Cartera masivas en estado de mora"
    Can anybody help with the "Cartera masiva part"

    Gracias de antemano


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    Default Re: Cartera Masiva LAm Sp to English

    Could you please give us the whole sentence so we can understand the actual meaning?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Cartera Masiva LAm Sp to English

    Hi qdavpau!
    I've found the term in different contexts but I still can't produce an exact definition of what it is. So I looked it up in the RAE dictionary and I found the following definition for cartera: Com. Valores o efectos comerciales de curso legal, que forman parte del activo de un comerciante, banco o sociedad y, por ext., de un particular.
    I think the term in English for cartera is portfolio (a list of the financial assets held by an individual or a bank or other financial institution)

    The adjective masiva may be reffering to the volume of this assets.

    Hope it helps!

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