Hi all,
I´m unsure if I am in the correct page and I apologise if I am posting incorrectly.

I am translating a university document for a civil engineer. The following are the terms I am unsure of translating in ´engineering´ terminology.
Any assistance would be grand.


  • Grafica en ingeniera - more appropriate graphics or graphs?
  • Ha cursado los estudios regulares en la carrera de ingieneria civil industrial (casa central), - has completed regular studies in industrial civil engineering (head quarters)
  • Visión sistémica de la organización- systmic vision of the organisation or organisational systemic vision
  • Ecuaciones diferenciales - differential equations or does this relate to something more specific
  • Homologado- verified (this related to studies)
  • Investigación de operaciones -operational investigation or investigation of operations
  • Procesos de manufactura - processes of manufacturing or manufacturing processes