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Thread: Could you give me a hand please

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    Default Could you give me a hand please

    Could you kindly help me with this translation:

    It refers to a document about a divorce. It is from Chile, and is a "sentencia" made by a judge of the family court, executing a divorce.

    The sentence that I am having trouble with is:

    "Y elevense los antecedentes de consulta si no se apelare".

    Y can translate the last part of the sentence "if no appeal is raised" but I have no idea what "elevense los antecedentes de consulta" means. Could you help with this please?

    More context:

    The sentences that precede and follow are:

    In Spanish:

    Practiquese las anotaciones y subinscripciones marginales que corresponda, ejecutoriada que sea esta sentencia. Y elevense los antecedentes de consulta si no se apelare.

    My translation is as follows:

    The registration and marginal annotations of the execution of this sentence are to be processed accordingly. Y elevense los antecedentes de consulta if no appeal is raised.

    To be registered and notified to the parties by certified mail.

    I'd appreciate any help you can give me.



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    Default Y elÚvense los antecedentes de consulta

    Firstly, I would like to understand what this expression means in Spanish in order to produce a translation, then.

    My guess: Since the previous sentence is about registration, I GUESS (I should read much more) it might refer to the consultation records the registration officer needs to carry out the registration procedure.

    So the translation might be something like: "And the consultation records be attached thereto..."

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