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Thread: Uso de la palabra "rueda"

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    Default Uso de la palabra "rueda"

    Estimados amigos:

    ¿Qué significa en inglés rueda en esta frase?

    "El Indice General de la Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (IGBV) cerró este lunes con baja de 2.13% respecto la rueda del viernes anterior..."

    Pensé que podría ser "rueda de prensa", pero no estoy seguro. Es posible que sea "happenings"?

    Agradezco cualquiera ayuda que me pueden ofrecer.



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    Default Re: Uso de la palabra "rueda"

    Could it be the run?

    In other words, the stock price dropped because there was "a run" and everybody sold.

    Usually a run means there is a huge demand for something (the price should go up), but a bank run is when everybody is worried that the bank will fold and they take their money out. A stock run could be when stockholders all dump their shares because of fears that stock value will drop, which causes further devaluation, more selling, etc.
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