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Thread: Porfolio Management

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    Default Porfolio Management

    Hi! This is my first post so I hope its ok and in the right place.
    My Spanish speaking assistant is translating a short document for me from english to spanish but is stuck with the phrase "portfolio management".

    We are a firm of financial Advisors and the term "porfolio management" is when a client gives us a sum of money/shares etc which we place with various institutions in order to maximise returns etc

    We are based in Mexico so this is for a latin spanish document.

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Porfolio Management

    Hello Mexico1,

    Welcome to the Forum. I think one possible translation for the phrase "portfolio management" is "administración de cartera".

    I hope it helps!


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    Default Re: Porfolio Management

    Hi there,

    La traducción más corriente es: "gestión de carteras", espero que esto sea de ayuda, H.

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