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Start Your Financial Planning Now!
Your Financial Future Depends On It!

Financial planning is easier and funny when you make your own plan.

It doesnít matter your age never is too soon or too late to make your financial plan, but now undoubtedly is better than later. Our free financial planning advice comprehends tools, selected information and resources to guide your steps as you build your financial plan. °You just need to start!

But, whatís the rush? Pay attention please:

Recent researches have shown that if you are from earth thereís a 99% probability that you lived or will live experiences such as:

your master degree and/or doctorate,
your weeding,
the purchase of your car and/or house,
the dreamed trip,
expecting your baby (or perhaps babies),
your dismissal in the last downsizing,
your business bankruptcy,
the unexpected lawsuit,
the childrenís education,
that unfortunate accident,
your divorce,
your widowhood,
your retirement,
caring your elderly parents (who obviously hadnít a financial plan),
your long illness,
etc, etc, etc
finally your death (this one has a 100% probability).

Even more interesting is that it has been shown that there is a 100% probability that you will need money to afford those experiences. Therefore and considering these findings, we believe that is prudent to begin your financial planning today. Sarcastic but true, right?

If the fear arises when youíre thinking about these issues, you are not alone. I was so scared that I didnít want to get married until achieve financial security. Fortunately I heard about the benefits of financial planning and understood that:

  • financial security is not achieved overnight,
  • is a personal process, and
  • the sooner and better youíre organized the process is shorter

When we started our family financial planning my bride and I wanted to do it independently to avoid receive biased advices and because being CPAs we thought were able to do it. This decision gave us enough flexibility in our planning but also forced us to research and select tons of information. Anyway, we had to talk to a tax specialist and an insurance broker but they were timely advices because we had clear where we wanted to go.

We enjoyed a lot our financial planning because we dreamed and knew what to make our dreams come true. Now thatís the challenge we live with a lot of faith and hope and because we know that every step we take is worthwhile.

Now you can do your financial planning with the same tools, information and resources we used. And the best is youíll learn at the same time that youíre planning your financial success. Ready? Letís start! :

Financial planning classes. Donít miss these classes, the fundamentals are here.

Ways to earn extra income. Itís sad to realize you donít have or wonít have enough to reach your goals, but with this information you can find suitable options for you

Debt management and planning. Letís face it, we often spend more than we gain, learn to manage and pay your debts instead of being managed by your debts.

Insurance planning. If you know the risks you run, why donít transfer them?

Retirement planning. Living too long is a risk too, and even worse when you outlive your savings

Investment planning. It feels good having money working for you instead of you working for it. °Discover your investorís profile!

Tax planning. Optimize and take advantage of your tax obligations.

Estate planning. Donít let death or physical disabilities prevent you to make decisions about your finances. °Be one step ahead!

Financial planning resources. Are easy to use and will help you in your financial planning steps.

Financial planning magazine. Keep up to date with our articles, offers and novelties related to financial planning.