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Thread: Can Anyone Translate This Portuguese Please?

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    Default Can Anyone Translate This Portuguese Please?

    Tom says: oque ele alegou ?!
    Sara says: ele q quebrou meu celular
    Tom says: sÚrio!!!!
    Sara says: q tava confuso
    Sara says: serio
    Tom says: mas.. vc fez o adulterio rsss?!
    Sara says: toda hora a mae a prima os amigos falavam q eu ia deixar ele
    Sara says: e so usar ele

    Thank you in advance for this. It's very appreciated if anyone can help me.

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    This is obviously from a chatroom, and the thoughts aren't as clear as they could be.

    Tom says: What did he allege (say happened)?
    Sara says:
    He broke my cell phone.
    Tom says:
    Sara says:
    That he was confused
    Sara says:
    Tom says:
    But.... did you commit adultery? LOL
    Sara says:
    All the time his mother, (female) cousin, and his friends said that I was going to leave him
    Sara says:
    and only use him

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