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Thread: One sentence

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    Default One sentence

    Could someone help me to translate this sentence, please.

    Ta certinho no Pais q mais paga na Europa Fiko Negativo - Errado ta a Biblia

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    I lived in Brazil, and I can't understand this. I ran it by Brazilians, and they couldn't either. The problem is that it's written in internet/email Brazilian Portuguese. This leaves it open for broad interpretations. The message appears to contain an observation followed by a response. Yes, at least in my opinion, it was written by two people, not one.

    (1) It's very true that in the country that in the country that pays more it turned out bad (was negative, etc.).
    The last two words are causing trouble. The word "fiko" doesn't exist in Portuguese, but "ficou" and "fico" do. I assume that "ficar negativo" is an idiom, but I haven't found anyone familiar with it. In everyday Portuguese it would mean "to turn out bad, was negative, etc.)

    (2) Wrong, there's the Bible.
    Possibly "the Bible" is not the Holy Bible but an important text. The sentence doesn't seem to be a continuation of the first, and this is why I suspect a second writer. It certainly looks like a response to the previous observation.

    They appear to be talking about a financial transaction, possibly a currency exchange. Without the context, there is nothing more I can add at this time. GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out. The message is not written in clear Portuguese.
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