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Thread: Translator Training

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    Default Translator Training

    Translation courses are offered as a part of SIL's applied linguistics programs available at various institutions around the world. Those who will be working as translators, whether as advisors, consultant, trainers or more directly in the translation process all take a full range of linguistic, ethnographic and sociolinguistic courses as preparation for field work in a cross-cultural environment. The translation courses, which are offered as part of SIL Training, are also open to anyone interested in studying Translation Theory and Practice.

    Training is continued in workshops, seminars and through mentoring by more experienced personnel. This training takes place as needed within a given country or geographical area. Such training normally includes both expatriates and mother-tongue translators. The content of such courses depends on the needs of the participants.

    The following are M.A. programs for translators, some involving cooperation between an SIL School and some another institution:

    Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL)
    Master of Arts in Language Development, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL)
    Master of Arts in Biblical Exegesis & Linguistics, a joint program of Dallas Theological Seminary and SIL International.
    Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis, a joint program of Associated Canadian Theological Schools (ACTS), Trinity Western University (TWU), and Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL/SIL).
    Master of Arts in Translation Studies, Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST)
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    Default Re: Translator Training

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    Default Re: Translator Training

    These translation courses will definitely help translators to overcome errors while translating various languages. Also it will boost your confidence while taking new projects.

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