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Thread: Ways to practice translation

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    Default Ways to practice translation

    Hi, after reading the previous thread by Sepahunt, I was wondering about the different ways to practice translation to gain experience, speed, and expertise. Do you know any exercises or practices that can help junior translators gain experience (other than the one suggested by Sepahunt)?

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    Default Re: Ways to practice translation

    I used to try to translate magazines, when I was waiting at the doctor´s room for instance.
    or the cable TV magazine, too...

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    Default Re: Ways to practice translation

    The best way to practice translation is to Intern with an organization or a translation office, even try asking some of your teachers who are also translators, they might be willing to let you work for them during your studies.
    Below are some more tips which you can follow to get expertise in your filed.

    • Translate some Wikipedia pages and give a review option to your readers so that they can comment on your work. By doing this you will come to know your mistakes and area of implementation.
    • There are many foreign channels on TV. Watch them and try to adapt their accent.
    • Translate wikiHow articles into other languages. This helps everyone, you and wikiHow readers too.

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