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Thread: Hi I'm new and I need help!

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    Default Hi I'm new and I need help!

    Hello, I live in New Jersey and found this website online. I joined because I can translate from English to Italian and viceversa. I can also translate from French, however, I don't know Spanish. I was just wondering if any of you have certificates as professional translators. I have a degree in Foreign lang. and literature and would like to become a full time translator. How do I do that?

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    Default Degrees...

    There are many universities that deliver courses on translation, you can either attend as an undergraduate, or there are certain universities, like the University of Wesminster, in the UK, where you can come from any field of expertise (as an undergraduate) and do a Master´s degree as postgraduate course.
    I´d suggest you do the undergraduate one for it will give you a more complete background of this profession.
    Good luck!

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