I have maybe 2 1/2 weeks left, & I still feel unprepared because of being held back because of my parents both being ill. I also have other personal issues, as well, such as being stressed & not being able to find a job to pay for the courses. But still want to take the exam anyway. I might be more prepared than I think I am. My mind is foggy, & I can't think clearly. I've been preparing & reviewing since January, but if I set EVERYTHING aside & focus SOLELY on this, dedicating & committing myself to more intensive studying, could I still "possibly" pass? Or is passing out of the question? Well, "DO" you think I still have a chance of passing the NYU Spanish-English translation exam?

Also, do you know how I can get any Continuing/Distance Education "grants"? I don't qualify for any loans because of my fixed income situation, & I'm in debt from undergraduate student loans & other debts, & employers refuse to hire me. I have a disability.

Thanks for the help.