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Thread: Automatic word count, and payment on the website?

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    Default Automatic word count, and payment on the website?

    Hello all,
    We are looking for a system for our company that could generate automatic word count, instant online quote and take payments on our website. Basically our customers should be able to complete the whole process from submission to payment online without too much of a problem. As we are a small company and work with lot of freelancers, it is taking too much time since we get the docuemnts and having proposal ready.

    Can you recommend any systems like that, we have come across one system here http://www.exzin.com/translations/ from a friend's reference. I looked at the demo on the site. It seems decent and cost effective as you pay only when you use it. I would like to compare other systems also before recommending any system to my company.
    Thank you in Advance for your help.

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    Honestly, I don't know any software that would do all that, and accurately.
    How could it count the words on a scanned document?

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    Default You are right

    You are correct. They told me that it works onlt with Microsoft word and text files as of now and they are working on pdf. The cost seems to be all right with $1 document (excluding paypal charges) and $300 one time set up. My mine issue is though I also need pdf besides 2 formats they support.

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