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Thread: Transcription of tv episode

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    Default Transcription of tv episode

    Hi, i'm new so i don't know if i chose the right topic for my threat.
    Anyway, i'm translating serial Survivor into Czech and i have some problems with 5th episode of the 15th season, because there is no english transcription for this episode. I've translated whole episode by listening but i can't recognize some parts.
    So this is my request: I've cut out that parts and put them together. So need if somebody download this mp3 and write down what they are saying. I have two mp3s and this is first. It has only cca 30 seconds. I would be very happy and grateful. Thank you a lot. Please help me.


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    Default Re: Transcription of tv episode

    Hi Kubix and welcome to the forum.
    I don't know if any other colleague will help you with this task but I can assure you that just like your translation to Czech is a paid job, so is this help you are asking.
    Realmente, el destino del mundo depende, en primer lugar, de los estadistas y, en segundo lugar, de los intérpretes.
    Trygve Halvdan Lie

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    Default Re: Transcription of tv episode

    Well, the file is 700 Kb so that's not really a problem, but Rapidshare is making me wait because I'm not registered
    Too much time!

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    Default Re: Transcription of tv episode

    Hi Kubix! Welcome to the forum!
    The first link is broken and I downloaded the Rapidshare file but it's like someone changing radio stations... . It's too difficult to tell you what they say when we don't even have context of the situation.

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