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Thread: Is TRADOS a must?

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    Default Is TRADOS a must?

    These days more and more customers need that our translations are delivered using TRADOS as a CAT tool, but the translators in Buenos Aires at least, do not learn TRADOS at University.

    Since this tool is a "must" nowadays, do you think that it should be studied at University and as students, we should submit all our translations using TRADOS?

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    I think it's the most popular tool used among translation companies, and since it's almost certain that as a translator you will have to work for one of them at one point or another, it should be a mandatory subject or workshop for translation schools.
    But on the other hand, some of these schools are led by very prominent lingüist and in some cases, they'd rather profit from giving private workshops at $100 an hour, instead of devoting their energy to something more useful in the long run, such as promoting mandatory TRADOS training at college / university.

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    I think ideally it would be great to learn Trados and other CAT tools when studying translation. However, the program is expensive and I think that it would take a lot of resources and troubleshooting knowledge to be able to properly present it in class. I think you need to learn the basic skills first, and then offer specialized courses for CAT tools and other industry-specific technology.

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