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    Default % Rates for Edition and Proofreading

    Hi everyone!
    I wonder... from a three step process (translation-edition-proofreading), what percentage should edition and proofreading be of the translation rate?
    Some colleagues of mine have stated that edition should be 40% and proofreading 20%. Do you agree?
    I did not come accross much on the Internet, but the few I found spoke about 50% and 25%.
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    Default Rates

    In my opinion, rates have to be reasonable and cover the time and effort (qualifications) spent on the job.

    Since translation fees are already "competitive", and edition and proofreading fees are about half the previous step, the percentage in question should not be low.

    Otherwise, the fees for a short technical document will only be some cents. And we all know the time and effort that a highly technical document requires.

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