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Thread: English spanish tutor

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    Default English spanish tutor

    I completed the exam in order to upgrade from being an ITI Associate to MITI English to Spanish translator a couple of months ago. I was quite surprised at the low mark I received for my translation and I would like to have the opportunity to take it again within the specified 6 month period. However, in the meantime I would really like to find someone who can help me to prepare for this. I was wondering if anybody on this forum is a tutor or mentor for these cases?

    I live in Haywards Heath but I would appreciate anyone who could perhaps connect with me through Skype or other means for this purpose.

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    Default Re: English spanish tutor

    Hi AlvaroHur!

    It's too bad about your results!
    I'm not sure if anyone in the forum is a tutor, but I'll ask around too

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    Default Re: English spanish tutor

    In my opinion, in these days of ever-improving machine translation output, it's essential that a human translator knows how to build clear and accurate sentences. Short and sweet.

    You can always look up words in any dictionary, but you should already know through long years of grammar how to write clearly and accurately.

    In England, I've found these 2 institutions completely devoted to the Spanish language (since your English level is proficient):

    - Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland (AHGBI)

    - Spanish Teachers Association UK

    Since you need to improve your Spanish level, according to your post, you could also contact this American institution:

    - Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Espaņola
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