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    Arrow Lisa Beijing

    Well, it was my first lista Conference, and I have to said that Localization World Shanghai was better.

    In favor of the LISA Conference, I could said that the aproach is different, it is more related to how to do the things than with the Translation Business.

    The better was the Conference from the Localization manager of Huawei, it was very interesting.

    Also, LISA is more a conference to improve the industry standards, and Localization World is more a business for the organizators.

    In any case, the Conference was ok, and the opportunity to know Beijing was a life experience.... I already spoke about the differences between Beijing and Shangai there were to different worlds. For example in Beijing nobody speaks English in Shangai evrybody speaks English. Beijing is the Imeprial China and also the comunist China. Shangai is the capitalism itself.
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    Default Beijing vs Shanghai...

    yeah, thatīs pretty much a good picture of both cities... and thatīs pretty much China, struggling between the ever-lasting comunist principles and the growing capitalist interests...

    and thatīs what China is right now, itīs both...

    Now, Neither Beijing nor Shanghai are very representative of the rest of China-
    Beijing is the Empire,
    Shanghai is the colonial European Touch,
    The rest of Continental China (making a difference here with Taiwan) is agricultural Lands...

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