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Thread: Language Quality Services – Excelling Brands

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    Default Language Quality Services – Excelling Brands

    Linguistic QA doesn’t call for separately adding anything to the translation or localization assignments. It is actually doing whatever is required with an excellence. Sometimes language inaccuracy or slight grammatical mistake may seem a minor error to the translator, however, it may turn out to be of major importance to the local users in their native language. In addition to this, quality imperfections – big or small – may also contribute heavily to diminish a brand name in the marketplace.

    What is your opinion about this? If you had to add value to your brand, what procedures would you be using? Please share your comments and ideas.

    you can also comment at: blog.moraviaworldwide.com/language-quality-services-%e2%80%93excelling-brands/
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    Default Re: Language Quality Services – Excelling Brands

    I think QA is absolutely necessary if your target audience is quality driven. But if the target audience is not so interested in quality, that is, just understanding the text and not paying too much, then QA is unnecessary and not suitable for the client's needs.

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