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Thread: Translation Services – Leading to Maximum Satisfaction

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    Default Translation Services – Leading to Maximum Satisfaction

    People who frequently work with their translation partners are well aware of each other’s preferences and output requirements. But for those who are not used to translation services, digesting the fact that translation is full of spelling issues, dialect differences and terminology is very difficult.

    A customer comes in with a document in English and wants it to be translated in Spanish. It is likely that the salesperson may ask in which form of Spanish he wants it to be translated. Now the prospect may be surprised to know that there are ‘forms of Spanish’ too. The Spanish from Spain and the Spanish from Latin America have distinct variations.

    Have you ever engaged with a translation partner on projects, what were your experiences? How did they guide you through the whole procedure? Please share your comments and ideas.

    you can also comment at: blog.moraviaworldwide.com/translation-services-leading-to-maximum-satisfaction/
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