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Thread: Difference between .ICAP and .ICML files

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    Default Difference between .ICAP and .ICML files

    Apparently, these two formats are similar, but, while you can export the InDesign files with the ICML file, I just couldn't do it with the .ICAP file. Is there anything I'm missing here?

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    Default Re: Difference between .ICAP and .ICML files

    I don't usually work with those file extensions, so I might be wrong. But, I think that ICML stands for InCopy Markup Language, and ICAP for InCopy Assignments Package.

    .icml are content files, individually saved in InDesign, which you can open in InCopy.

    .icap is a package created in InDesign, containing other content files, which you can open in InCopy.

    I think that you can export individual files, but you have to create a package. Could that be the problem?
    Let us know!

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