As a member of the IT support environment one of the most important tasks is getting the feedback from the user, the worker, the moneymaking people, the human beings!

Today let's take a close look at Virtual Machines.

What are those?

Programs like VmWare™ and OracleVirtualBox™ have been doing amazing developments so far creating good software for managing and using vm's

A virtual machine is in a nutshell, a machine that works withing a already working environment.
For example, you turn on your pc and Windows loads up, you click this game like icon and a LINUX opens up while windows still is working (and vice-versa)

Why do I need it?

You probably don't!, it's for people that needs something running on a different platform that the one they have or just to have multiple machines doing something different.

Think of a set of employees, you can have one doing all the work that is capable off or you can have many doing different work.

It also saves a lot of space!, bc instead of having a lot of computers lying around you have all together in one.

SO THEN! Do you use them in your home or office?

Do they work? or Do you have issues with it?