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Thread: Translation of poetry into Chinese

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    Default Translation of poetry into Chinese

    Question to the experts in the Chinese language: Is translating poetry into Chinese particularly difficult?

    I mean, Chinese is a language in which depending on the intonation, the whole meaning changes. And, on the other hand, poetry, specifically rhyming, is achieved by means of similar intonations at the end of words. So, do you think it's hard to find a musically pleasing translation without a significant loss of meaning?

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    Default Re: Translation of poetry into Chinese

    This is a spectacular question!

    Thank you for making it, hope IYuan can bring a little light to the subject.

    Some friends of mine study the Ode book of Chinese poetry for example: The Shi King, the Old

    When I'm translating a song of something similar to a friend or love interest I use a web page that I found in this Forum: for songwriters out there!

    And looking for more poetry related question I found this amazing thread: The language of Reggaeton

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    Default Re: Translation of poetry into Chinese

    Hi francot, personally I think for the language pair En-Chinese is not hard because there are so many idiograms that are available for the same thing.
    The hardest part is when you try to translate poetries from Chinese to English. Due to the long history backgrounds, there is a countless type of poetries and schools developed during thousands of years.
    So it is tremendously hard trying to translate any Chinese poetry that is so rich in meaning and as you mentioned all the extra requirements for them to another language.

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    Default Re: Translation of poetry into Chinese

    Hi Dear,

    Yes,you can do it easily but if you do it by yourself so maybe it difficult for you! I would suggest you that you should hire to online translation agency who are providing the best services for language translation so you can take the help from online translation agency for translation into Chinese.

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