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Thread: chinese translation

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    Question chinese translation

    hi all,

    can anyone suggest me good software for mandarin Chinese translator to translate to English language????

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    Default Re: chinese translation

    Hey Lee Shin!
    How are you doing?
    Emmm.. I usually use SysTranSoft for that.. But I use it for basic phrases translation from English to Chinese (or viceversa).

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    Default Re: chinese translation

    Hi Lee Shin,

    I admit I've tried baseline engines like Google and sometimes find they work pretty well.

    As for any other content for MT, there are certain parameters that make things work better (e.g., more literal translations like technical or legal, scarce brand/product/service names that need to be kept in the source language, quality of the source content with regard to grammar/style, etc.).

    The language combination is not a barrier, mainly when you translate into English (and not quite the reverse). I've tried, for example, health sciences content and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Please, try to avoid creative content with use of idioms and metaphors that will certainly pose a hazard to the engine.

    Hope it helps!

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    Default Re: chinese translation


    You can also check Popup Chinese translator, it is arguably better than Google translator since it is a China-based developer.

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    Default Re: chinese translation

    Hello Lee Shin! (LOL player?? hahah)
    In general, there is no software that can do the translation work 100% for you specially when we are talking about Chinese. Since Chinese has a totally different grammar and linguistic system than others from Latin origin, the softwares can only give you some guide and you definitely has to shape the outcome to enhance the result. One good practice to avoid getting random translation that has nothing to do with the content, is to check the vocabulary one by one with the software. Lol, of course itīs a bit of a hideous work.

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