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Thread: Omegat and Trados "Studio 2009

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    Default Omegat and Trados "Studio 2009

    Texto extraído del e-group de OmegaT, como se puede ver, ahora permite traducir archivos SDLXLIFF de Trados 2009. Excelente trabajo de los desarrolladores.

    Dear All,

    OmegaT beta version 2.1.4 has been released.

    This new version contains seven enhancements, and is focused on linguistic

    There is a new LanguageTool plugin (available from

    OmegaT-LanguageTool allows using LanguageTool (http://www.languagetool.org/)
    as a plugin in OmegaT, providing specific language checking rules in 18
    languages (http://www.languagetool.org/languages/).

    TBX (http://www.lisa.org/Term-Base-eXchange.32.0.html) glossaries are now
    In addition, tab-separated glossaries with the .txt extension are loaded as

    There is a new file filter for WiX localisation files (.wxl), and sdlxliff
    has been added to the default list of XLIFF extensions.

    There are four bug corrections, including the recognition of additional
    Windows RC files.

    As usual, the new version can be downloaded by following the directions from

    Best regards,

    Didier Briel

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    Default Re: Omegat and Trados "Studio 2009

    He got rid of sine by knowing that if the argument ( the stuff inside the sine function) is ITSELF zero then the sine of that stuff will be zero also.

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