hi all,

does anyone use SYSTRAN, I recently started using SYSTRAN 6 Premium. It seems to be fairly useful, but it has a couple of minor glitches, such as freezing on certain commands only when both the Proj and Dict Managers are open at once (although i am admittedly a bit rough on it with the huge word files i throw at it), i seem to have learnt the rules for the glitches as to avoid freezing, but i thought maybe there might be some other uses out there who can shed some light...

... i have reinstalled a couple of times, done lots of registry cleaning/system optimization before and between reinstals, so i don't think the manageable glitches are going to go away on my version. i run vista 32-bit/office 2007... anyone had/resolved similar conflicts.

otherwise I find tools/format fairly useful (though i have never used TRADOS to ba able to compare). i am not sure about the support community for TM etc, but i prefer to create/investigate my own translations anyway so its not an issue for me.

My main gripe is the impoverished built in Help... i have done alot of trial and error, but i admit that i haven't invested the time to thoroughly read the 200+ page user manual yet.