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Thread: Delete and Backspace keys not working in Outlook 2003 XP SP2 after SDL TRADOS install

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    Default Delete and Backspace keys not working in Outlook 2003 XP SP2 after SDL TRADOS install

    Hello, I am a new member. A very experienced TRADOS user directed me here to see if anyone has encountered the same problem I have.

    After installing SDL TRADOS, I began noticing strange behaviors in Word and in Outlook. Since I did not lose any functionality I did not pay attention and did not record instances and examples.

    However, there is one problem I have not been able to get rid of and that is very annoying: the Delete and Backspace keys do not work when composing the headers of email messages using Outlook 2003 XP SP2 with Word as editor. Someone adviced against using Word as editor but I never had a problem before the installation of SDL TRADOS.

    Searching the Internet I found a suggestion about the keys having been reassigned. I decided to check and, sure enough, in Word the EditClear command does not have Del as its corresponding key. Rather, the Delete key appears assigned to a TRADOS function. The exact message I get when I check this category and select the Del key to assign it to it is:

    Currently assigned to: TemplateProject.tw4winProtection.tv

    However, I must say that THE ONLY PLACE I have this problem is in the headers of the email messages. I am perfectly able to delete text using either Del or Backspace in Outlook messages )not headers) and in Word.

    It is extremely upsetting not to be able to use Backspace or Delete in the email headers when composing addresses or subjects. I wish to follow the solution below and reassign the Del key to the EditClear but I am afraid if I do so, I would mess something in TRADOS. By the way, if someone knows what command corresponds to Backspace I would appreciate if you let me know because I would like to change that too.

    Solution found on Internet:
    Possibly the Delete key has been reassigned to another function? In Word, click on Tools | Customize | Keyboard | Categories: Edit | Commands: EditClear. Does "Current keys:" say "Del"? If not, click in the "Press new shortcut key:" box and press the Delete key. If the Delete key is currently assigned to another function, it will tell you what that function is. If the Delete key is not currently assigned, then you can assign it here. Be sure to "Save changes in: Normal.dot", and say yes if you are prompted to save changes to the Normal.dot global template when you exit Word

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    Default Deleting...

    Hi! Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum!

    Honestly, I have the same problem on my own PC...but seems to be some randomized behavior, this is not a constant on my Outlook.

    I guess that it could not be a problem from Trados...

    Let's keep searching!



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    SDL Trados 2006 has just release this january a patch that fix this issue and many others. I am waiting for Windows Vista and Office 2007 compatibility!!!

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