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    Can anyone tell me where exactly I can check the language pairs from the .txt file? And also, is there a list for what the acronyms stand for?

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    Hi Sabrina,

    When you open an exported TM in .txt format, you will see that the first part is a list of all fonts used during the translation process. After that section, you'll see the actual translation units. Here's what you'll see:

    <TrU> (Translation Unit opening tag)
    <CrD>23112007, 09:59:43 (creation date and time)
    <CrU>SARA (name of person who created the segment)
    <Seg L=EN-US>FALL (Source language: English from USA)
    <Seg L=ES-EM>OTOŅO (Target language: Spanish International Sort)
    </TrU> (Translation Unit closing tag)

    This unit structure is repeated in the txt file.

    To know the meaning for language codes, go to:

    Workbench>Help>Help topics>Index

    In the Index tab, write: codes in the export file

    There will appear a list of codes.

    Hope it helps!

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