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Thread: OmegaT, anyone? Having trouble...

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    Default OmegaT, anyone? Having trouble...

    Hi! I'm new to any CAT tool and started off by checking out OmegaT.

    Everything works peachy except for the fact that I translated a whole 3-page document but the software added nothing to the "Fuzzy Matches" or "Glossary" windows, when there were tons of terms that repeated themselves all over the place. Am I doing something wrong? The help file says the program does all that on its own. Without those tools, I'd almost rather work on Word!!

    Does anybody have any input for me?
    Thanks and best!!

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    If you refer to terms, you need, yes, a glossary. But OmegaT has no ability to create/modify glossaries, it just is capable of reading a glossary (or glossaries) that must be in the /glossary subfolder of your project and must be a text file in your system's default encoding (with .tab file name extension) or a text file in UTF-8 (with .uft8 extension). Its structure is pretty simple:

    Please, also re-read the documentation on this issue.

    As for fuzzy matches, well, it is hard to do guesswork base on such a meager piece of information. I could only suggest that either your source text does not contain any fuzzy matches within (not a big surprise for just 3 pages), or maybe, well, you do something wrong. Try to be more informative.
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