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Thread: How to cut videos with FFMPEG - UBUNTU (Cortar videos)

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    Lightbulb How to cut videos with FFMPEG - UBUNTU (Cortar videos)

    The other while needing to try some auto-captioning software we came across a very large video sample.
    So to cut it down we tried using VLC and some other Open-Source software, with little to no results, and a computer freeze.

    So I bring you today a nice OPEN SOURCE option. FOR FREE!

    ffmpeg -i INPUT_VIDEO.mp4 -ss 00:20:03 -t 00:05:00 -async 1 OUTPUT_VIDEO.mp4
    Break down! (every sentence is followed by a space)

    "ffmpeg "-> calls the software of the same name
    "-i "-> put the name of the video or it's path and name
    "-ss "-> Starting point of hours:minutes:seconds
    "-t "-> Lenght to cut from starting point same format as -ss
    "-async 1"-> add this for sound quality
    " "-> leave a final space at the end and put the name (or path and name) of the Outputvideo

    FOR Example If I want the last five minutes of a 90 minute film:

    ffmpeg -i 90_MIN_FILM.mp4 -ss 01:25:00 -t 00:05:00 -async 1 LAST_FIVE_MIN_FILM.mp4
    As always any questions or corrections are more than WELCOME!

    This thread refers to the one of pasting subtitles: How to paste subtitles on video - UBUNTU with FFMPEG - [Pegar subtitulos a videos]

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    Default Re: How to cut videos with FFMPEG - UBUNTU (Cortar videos)

    Really useful. Thanks!

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