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Thread: What CAT tool do you use, if any?

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    Default What CAT tool do you use, if any?

    What CAT tools do you prefer? Do you think it has a significant impact on your productivity? Was it expensive, and how long did it take for you to use it comfortably? Thanks in advance for your responses. I am doing research for my translation company, I do not work for any software company.

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    Default Re: What CAT tool do you use, if any?

    I would recommend MemSource, a highly intuitive and user-friendly tool. It has different levels of comprehension (that is, you can some basic features that will serve the purpose, plus you may add more functionalities in case you need some more elaborate features). It works with floating licenses, so that you don't need to pay anything (neither software, nor membership) but to have the agency enabling you in their platform.

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