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Thread: Problems with TRADOS TagEditor and Translator's Workbench

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    Default Problems with TRADOS TagEditor and Translator's Workbench

    Hello, I need some help with TRADOS. I hope anyone can help me. I have accepted a translation for a company I have already worked for, so I have used before their TM and everything has been OK. Now I have another translation for them, very urgent, and I have encountered a problem: when I open the files to be translated, TagEditor says: 'The open TM has different languages than the document. Interaction with Translator's Workbench will be disabled until a matching TM is opened.'
    The thing is: It is the TM the company told me to use, and the languages are the same than the ones specified in the file (US English > Spanish).
    I am trying to solve the problem but I can't find a solution, so if you can help me, I will be very grateful.
    Thanks very much!!!

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    Default Tm

    The language pairs are the same, but in Spanish you have different options, perhaps the TM has Spanish from Spain and the document has Spanish from Puerto Rico, for example.

    To solve this problem:

    1. Please EXPORT the TM, so that you get a .txt TM,
    2. Then CREATE a new TM with the language pair of the document (be careful with the different options of English and Spanish)
    3. Finally IMPORT the .txt TM...

    et voilą!

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    Pay attention to the flags at the bottom of the .ttx file (for example, the US flag and the Mexican flag). Then set the new translation memory in those languages, otherwise you won't be able to run the TM with that file.

    Good luck!

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    That's correct, the message you are getting only appears when the TM and the bilingual document are set with different languages.

    The only way to solve it, is to either start a new TM with the same languages as the document, or translate the source again with the stored segments in the TM.

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