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Thread: XBench, TM maintenance and TMX

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    Default XBench, TM maintenance and TMX

    Hello there

    Here at work we had a problem similar to the one described by Gentle in another thread: xBench and TM maintenance.

    To deal with the problem of strange characters we used jEdit, which is a very robust text editor written in Java which has a thorough understanding of character encodings.

    For the combo XBench-JEdit to work properly, we have to go to Tools->Settings->TMX Editor, choose the path to the JEdit executable and (the crucial part) write the following in the "Command-line parameters" box:

    $Filename +line:$Line
    Another thing to be careful about is to be sure that the JEdit server is running, otherwise all kind of problems occur.

    So, Gentle, try this out and let us know if it worked for you.

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    Default Re: XBench, TM maintenance and TMX

    Hi Pabloa, It worked fine for me too. In fact, in my case I did not need to check anything on the JEdit server. I simply downloaded the latest version of JEdit for Windows as I hadn't used that application before, I installed it and used it right away.

    Special thanks for the syntax as I am not what you might call a programming savvy and it would have taken me ages to get it right! ;-)

    Btw...I never paid attention to this tab about TMX editors. I was wondering if you had the chance to try out any different applications (someone recommended me to use Virtaal some time ago).

    Cheers, Gentle

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    Default Re: XBench, TM maintenance and TMX

    Thank God we still have this post! I totally spaced out about the need to have the jEdit Server running. I got so desperate I was not able to use jEdit that I started reading the xBench help. I already had the TMX editor Virtaal, but could not find the syntaxis either. Luckily, I found that xBench recommends the use of Okapi Olifant for which they provide this syntaxis which goes as follows: $Filename row=$Segment col=trg edit=yes. By the way, I see that this syntaxis is quite different depending on the editing application used (whether it be a TXT or TMX editor).

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