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Thread: Bolt

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    Thumbs up Bolt

    I saw this movie and apart from the fact that it's Pixar (to me that is a guarantee that I'll like it), I thought it was very good.
    The characters are lovely as always, but for adults, it makes you really laugh when Bolt is so deceived by the world he thinks is real. The cat Mittens is excellent.
    I recommend it!

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    Default Re: Bolt

    I agree with Veronica. This character is so naive it takes out the most tender part in you.

    I really enjoyed this movie and laughed a great deal. It's highly advisable to watch it!



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    Default Re: Bolt

    I saw it in 3-D actually. My 4-year old was scared of the "monsters" coming right at him and the sudden moves during the first couple of scenes, and I noticed a few kids his age literally crying as well, which is not supposed to happen, being a movie for children and all...

    Eventually, he ended up taking his glasses off and enjoyed the movie in 2D.
    My favorite character was the hamster :-)

    By the way, the whole 3-D experience was the highlight of my week, awesome!!! :-D

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