A couple of days ago I had the brilliant idea (I have days like those) of renting Infamous following the recommendation of a friend of mine and if I don't regret it still (in spite of having lost two hours of my life watching... that) is simply because I didn't have to pay for it. You could even get bored doing sarcastic comments about the movie. I couldn't help thinking: Capote got you in the mood with the very first scene of the film. The only opportunity this movie has to reach something similar to a climax (the scene where the murderers are hanged) is interrupted by a flashback that breaks the mood and throws you back to your sad reality: you're watching a very bad movie directed by an amateur who has no clue. Sandra Bullock is a nice funny girl who's not to blame for being hired for a part she can't play and the guy playing Capote... Capote used to be charismatic! Not... that!
But anyways... any comments on the movie? on the comparison?