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Thread: Movies NOT to watch

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    Quote Originally Posted by analaura
    Im going to the movies this Friday, has anyone got a fiasco???

    some advice will be appreciated.

    "The Golden Compass". I read the books and I found them interesting. The movie included almost all the action, but not the drama. In few words, it was "hollywoodized".

    But maybe I'm wrong, if you haven't read the book and you go the see this movie, please tell me if you find it interesting.

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    Default Thank you!

    Thats typical of Hollywood!! thank you!!

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    My sister came home the other day saying 'don't watch The Golden Compass! It's so booooring' haha, so I will not (at least not at a cinema... DVD maybe).

    That Alien vs Predator dialogue reminded me of Freedy vs Jason hahaha THAT is a bad movie.

    Does anybody love 'Dawn of the Dead' besides me? :P

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    The other day (like two weeks ago) I came across one of the worse movies I have ever seen... actually, saying it was bad is being too kind. It's called "Shoot'em up". If you go to the video store, don't even think about touching it! It's contagious!

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