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Thread: Hola! -need some help

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    Default Hola! -need some help

    Buenas tardes
    I was really hoping I could get a some ideas from you smart people.
    I have an thought in mind for one gift for my boyfriend, but I can't seem to come up with the main thing! He has this pillow, that he loves, he won't travel without it, and for Christmas I want to have some pillowcases enscribed with some nice quotes or a sweet saying. He is Spanish(he just went back to S. America for xmas ), but he learned a lot of English with me, so it could be in either language.
    What do you think? I am completely stumped, I like the idea, and have to make the pillowcases soon so I can send them!
    All I have is: Sweet Dreams,I'm assuming the translation is Dulces Suenos?
    But it would be so great if I could get some ideas...
    It would be so appriciated. Please try : )
    Muchos Gracias
    Thanks for you time!

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    sweet dreams sounds like a good idea. just remember, spanish is a backwards language. so when translating sweet dreams it would actually be suenos dulces. dont forget the tilde over the n. without it, suenos looks a lot like senos. that could potentially be bad.

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