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Thread: Puerto Rico

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    Default Puerto Rico

    Hola gente! Hi people!

    I would recommend visiting Puerto Rico because there is a lot to see! Also, it would be a great experience for people trying to improve their Spanish. Not only do people speak Spanish and English here but, this a US Commonwealth so, US Citizens wouldn't need passports.

    The weather here is nice all the time, no need for winter clothes. The beaches are so nice, clean warm water...a lot of seashells to gather...a lot of history to see...rain forests...it's so relaxing...people should definitely visit the island..


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    Default Re: Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico is definitely on my must-visit list. Thank you for the recommendation!

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    Default Re: Puerto Rico

    thanks Melissa.
    which places and/or activities would you reccommend?
    give us some tips


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    Default Re: Puerto Rico

    Hi Melissa

    I'd love to visit Puerto Rico!! Any recommended beaches? Museums?

    Thank you

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