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Thread: Problema psicolˇgico

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    Default Re: Problema psicolˇgico

    Faraˇ, should we be scared??

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    Default Re: Problema psicolˇgico

    Que lastima que no vi este thread antes, porque antes de pensar la respuesta, vi la de Fáraó =(

    muy buena la pregunta Gabriel, si sabes de otro enigma parecido, postealo!

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    Default Re: Problema psicolˇgico

    Hello everyone,

    Firstly, you might have noticed that I don't write in Spanish and I'm sorry for that. I can understand spoken and written Spanish, but I prefer to "read" you rather than write you (because my Spanish sucks, and I probably would write a kind of "portu˝ol").

    Secondly, beyond a translator I've always liked criminal psychology, and psychology in general, maybe because I've worked in the past with lawyers which gave me different settings in this field.

    Finally, there's no need to be afraid, I'm not harmful I'm just someone who likes different subjects, challenges and interesting fields which requires from us a little effort of our brain.

    Thank you Gabriel for posting this kind of threads.



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    Default Re: Problema psicolˇgico

    Dale Gabi .. buscate otro enigma!

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