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Thread: Touch base

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    Default Touch base

    The phrase "touch base" was taken from baseball to mean "briefly checking in"...but does anyone know when this phrase started to be used on a regular basis...? I guess it's only used in American English..., what do you think?

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    I donīt know the roots...

    the phrase "touch base" as in, "I just wanted to touch base with you."

    It comes from baseball. After a foul ball, the runner must return to (and touch) the base, to begin the rhythm of the game over again. It's a return to the status quo ante, a momentary rebalancing and reconsideration. Same tactics? A new play? Start over.

    In life, we like to believe the metaphor applies, that change is not continuous, that we can truly touch base with people as if nothing had changed permanently and eternally. Pretty belief.

    but, is there a time "before" baseball for the phrase? I have same doubt as Sabrina.

    Anybody knows better???

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