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Thread: Has anyone else travelled this side of the world?

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    Default Has anyone else travelled this side of the world?

    I have decided to teach english abroad and I am currently on my travels through South America to decide where exactly it is I want to teach it! Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m from Cardiff and strangely, people have told me there’s a big Welsh community (even with its own newspaper!) in Argentina! It’s not like I particularly want to be surrounded by home comforts (I certainly didn’t travel across the Atlantic for that!) but it does appeal to have a little familiarity, especially since I’m so far away. I have travelled alone before, through Spain and Europe (a kind of mini gap year using one of the flexible europases ) but I have never travelled so far and it does worry me a little. I am fluent in Spanish and took a class of twenty from Madrid who travelled to London to "aprender en Inglaterra" and so I have experience at least for the teaching side. I am hoping to go to a big city as I think it is easier to integrate there – or at least you have more choice with what you want to integrate yourself with! Has anyone else travelled this side of the world? Anyone who might have recommendations for me?
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    Hi adalia!
    The Welsh community you're talking about in Argentina is Gaiman. Such a beautiful city! Believe me you won't regret coming Argentina!
    Have a look at this link for more info: http://www.patagonia-argentina.com/i...ryn/gaiman.htm

    Hope it helps!

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    Default Adalia, welcome to Argentina

    yes, Gaiman is a small town so beautiful, and you´ll love Patagonia!!

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    Mmm... Gaiman... Tea!! and Welsh cake!!

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